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About Us

Our aim is to make life easier for our customers. We know how challenging it can be to choose the perfect gift for your friend, partner, or even your grandparents. That’s why we decided to create personalised gifts as we believe it’s much easier to pick a gift when you can bring in the uniqueness, friendliness and love of your relationship, instead of a standard and unexciting gift that anyone can find.

Our Story

We do not sell gifts, we sell memories. 

After all, gifts should be personal.

After spending a long time trailing different websites to find the perfect gift for our nearest and dearest, we realised there was a lack of personalised gifts that were high-quality & luxurious whilst still being affordable. So many gifts that you find online are created in mass amounts, with no real consideration or love for the people they are going to. So that’s what we set out to create & achieve with the Gift Gazebo – beautiful gifts for beautiful people.

We’ve really poured a lot of time, energy & love into our gifts and this website – we hope that you feel that too.

We attend our support chat 24 hours a day. We are currently a small company and we do not have a big support team, but we are always willing to answer your questions and solve your problems.

Driven by a love for all things personalised, we work with a number of different materials to personalise gifts by print work, embroidery and engraving. Many of our designs are created with a focus on quality and style so that the gift really has a wow factor when a customer opens the box. Our craftsmen use a variety of techniques to produce our gifts and each is carefully created to the highest standards.

What we really do

The Gift Gazebo is our passion, but not our unique job.
We also own a business called DM Media Solutions, offering website hosting, graphic design, website development, marketing, photography…
Do you need any of those services or want a free quote? Get in touch to [email protected] or [email protected] and we will be happy to help you.

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Other Projects

Samadhi Meditation

Samadhi aims to introduce people to meditation and mindfulness practices which helps them find a greater sense of peace and calm and makes it easier to navigate the trials and tribulations of life.